Ruby on Rails is a new code from 2005 !

The most famous tool in startups when creating web site is Ruby on Rails. This dimension and this excitement is not stolen anything since many advantages make this technology to be best able to create sites effectively and above all quickly. Of course, its constant evolution did, in 2005, a new code has occurred regarding the concept and making the most handy tool. In any case, we will have to know this technology before you can use it effectively.

What is Ruby on Rails

We know that Ruby on Rails is a framework aimed at Web application developers as ruby on rails development company and uses the Ruby language. Remember, Ruby is a scripting language that is object oriented. Using Ruby on Rails or RoR will therefore go into creating websites. With this technology development will be both very thorough, practical while being fast. Of course, all the basic tools used by web 2.0 sites will be integrated. The assets that RoR will provide a concise code, scalable and productive, highly minimized configuration work while promoting specific policies and some office integration technologies thus providing good ergonomics of use for users.

Why Ruby on Rails

Many benefits are of using Ruby on Rails a necessity. Above all, we must know that Ruby on Rails is so convenient that we can talk about website design without writing a single line of code. Of course, this convenience will be as well when designing the site during its use by users. It goes without saying that ruby ​​on rails can be used on any platform be it Windows, MacOS or Linux. This fact will increase the practicality of this technology. Of course, the most compelling advantage of RoR is certainly productivity that is truly unbeatable. Clearly, we can create a complete website in minutes thanks to a database with 62 lines of code.

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