Our prices for a simple website to a big ecommerce

The current economic shift favors the penetration of businesses and merchants on the Internet. Alongside informative sites and service platforms, e-commerce sites are beginning to grow. The success of these platforms however depends on several parameters which are the creation, the software used as well as professionals recruited to create it.

Large e-commerce site at a lower price

If the procedures for realizing a site from A to Z are huge, with a good php development company this is no longer a concern. These companies have the best computer scientists and state-of-the-art software using state-of-the-art technology. It is not enough to create a banal site, the e-commerce site is really a specific platform. When the goal is to sell, management must take precedence over everything. Also, development companies are using new database management software that can take over even a site with millions of products. But with these systems, there are also solutions that make it easy to create sites in less time and with unsurpassed performance. It is through the use of this type of software solution that these companies can afford to offer their service of creation of e-commerce platform at very low prices. But even if the price is cheaper, the site still remains very good quality with a very fine finish and design worthy of the best sites.

How much does a simple online sales site cost?

The creation of websites in general clearly requires a significant investment from the project owners. The design of an e-commerce site, specifically, goes between 2000 to 5000 euros. The motto of some agencies says that a project can not begin without the truth about cost and time being revealed. And it is for this reason that it is important to know all the costs of which the most important is of course the one to pay to the agency. Add to all this the web marketing service to have the actual cost.

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