Becoming a developer...

Today, internet is a world market where full commercial companies will have to evolve. To interact with this world, it will be important to create websites. This step is essential since only a website will integrate the web world to attract the best surfers to become customers later. Of course, everyone can build a website easily, but professionals will ensure impeccable work and shall use all perfectly tools that created sites are innovative and effective. A recurring tools currently is ruby ​​on rails that has a lot of profit. It will be interesting to become a developer comprising all the attractions and details of this tool.

The choice of ruby

It must be said that the ruby ​​on rails developers have chosen to ruby ​​on rails as a tool for development because of its many benefits. Ruby on Rails is an open source framewok which is based on the ruby ​​language is object oriented. Clearly, the creation of this framework was made with two basic principles. The first is the DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself allowing a fussy work and the second principle is over configuration Convention. This will prevent a detailed work since all follow the already established conventions. With these principles, ruby ​​on rails ror or offer an unbeatable output since it will be possible to create a website in minutes.

What benefits?

Ruby on Rails also offers many advantages that make the excitement of its use. First, there is the project structure to be impeccable with ruby ​​on rails. Migration will, of course, possible that the structure changes as well as the contents of the database. Active Record is an ORM with ror that will manage the database. To generate code for CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality ror lavish the scaffold. 3 specific environments will also be offered to change it. As for what is security, everything will be on top with the fact that a javascript library come with the use of ror.

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