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One blog for each website ?

The popularity and ubiquity on the web is a way to guarantee the success of a website. This can be done in different ways but one of the most effective ways is to maintain the relationship with Internet users. It is for this reason that the number of blogs continues to grow because it is the platform of reference for more dynamism and interactivity.

A blog?

Many do not make the distinction between the website and the blog. However, this distinction has to be made because, by definition, a website is a more neutral platform, where it is not supposed to exist interactivity and is often used by formal entities or businesses for trade. On the other hand, the blog is a very different platform that has found a great upsurge in recent years. No need for care or particular forms, the php developer just makes it to make it beautiful, functional and more dynamic than a classic site. Yet in all these definitions, the blog constitutes a website but more or less personalized. Interaction with users is its primary purpose. Bloggers talk about it in a more familiar way to be even closer to Internet users and even to attract them to a particular product.

Why create a blog linked to websites?

The idea is just grand, making a blog as interactive as possible on behalf of a website. When the site is neutral and is just dedicated to the sale for example, it is however possible to make it less passive and to pass the relay to the blog. How? Generally, developers install a particular page in the same site, this page will serve as a blog on behalf of this site and can gather the opinions of consumers or customers or may make sure to attract more customers for the products Marketed in the main site. The ingenuity of this practice is such that there are even blogs that exist independently of a site but are actively connected to it. The result is verifiable, because these sites that have blogs manage to dominate the web and manage to build an infallible presence.

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