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Specializing in website creation and web design, our Web agency helps its clients in:

- Strategic consulting: our consultants assist you in the definition and implementation of your overall communication strategy on the Internet.

- Website Creation with Open source CMS and applications to reach and sustain your growth objectives. Our high-level technical team develops and integrates sustainable and secure technology solutions. Webmercurio implements open source content management interfaces (WordPress, Drupal, CakePHP) allowing you to be autonomous in updating and scalability of your website.

- Integration CSS, HTML and Javascript, responsive design: our integrators optimize navigation and interactivity of your website and make it visible on all types of support and browser through our responsive design solutions.Webmercurio takes great care to code your site to the user experience of your visitors and to improve the SEO of your website.

- Art Direction, ergonomics and webdesign: our art directors and web designers design and build web templates with your brand, combining creativity and pragmatism. Webmercurio favors efficiency and visual impact of your website in a great eye for detail and pixel.

- SEO and e-marketing: our consultants SEO / SEM help you make up your website in the 1st search results pages Google by defining the terms-CES on which to capitalize. Webmercurio optimized during the design and construction of your site architecture, coding, linking and the wording of your site.

- Production of web content: web copywriting, videos, photos. To provide real value to your website our journalists, photographers and producers associated translate the word and image the essence of your brand. Our web agency integrates and builds these contents to make your pleasant site and differentiating.

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