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Koddos can offer you the best Anti DDOS around

Nowadays the web hackers are so far ahead of the other users. They are endlessly developing new technics to cheat the users, and sometimes they get really vicious. That is especially the case with ddos attacks, which cause millions of dollars of losses to their victims.

What is DDOS attack ?

A ddos attack, also called distributed denial of service attack, is a kind of web attack very widespread on the web. It broadly consists in blocking the access to the services of a website for the users, by turning it totally inaccessible. For this, the hackes use many means : for example they are able to disrupt, or even totally block the access to a web server, or flood a traffic network until the server is not able anymore to treat the requests it has. If the hackers used to work alone for many years, from now on they commit ddos attacks massively : they do not hesitate to create some bots to launch massive attacks. This kind of method usually is associated with blackmail : the hacker threats the website owner to extort money in return for the restoration of his service.

How to protect your website from DDOS attacks

The ddos attacks have dramatically increased during these last years, because they are very easy to set and they do not cost anything to the hackers. So it became very hard to protect yourself from it daily. That is why you should not hesitate to call upon professional, like Koddos. This kind of specialized society are in charge of monitoring the traffic of your website 24 hours per day, 7 days a week to detect the ddos attacks as soon as they income. Then, the Anti DDOS service blocks the attack, and it sends all the traffic in a cleaning center to remove all kind of threat. This way, your website is able to operate normally, with no interruption.

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