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Improvements with Magento

When talking about website management especially when it comes to e-commerce sites, one of the best tools at the moment is Magento. This rating at the use of this tool is explained by the fact that it will enable a smooth management of sites. Several advantages flesh out this fact and also the improvements with magento are also waiting for you. Of course, to truly use Magento, we must first understand all the attractions.

Magento and its benefits

Clearly, Magento is an e-commerce website management software. It is a perfect tool to manage multiple e-commerce sites at once on a single admin interface. They will talk of multiboutique software. Of course, the sites may be manage in a perfect way whatsoever together or one by one. We can work sites at all levels with magento. Whether on the push policy management and product catalogs on e-commerce sites or promotions management by product, everything will be possible with Magento. It must be said that the magento developers have made sure that this tool is more convenient. We even speak of a better ranking website through its use.

Still improvements

While Magento is already a very functional tool, professionals in the field have resulted in the further improvement to enhance its performance and potential. This improvement is defined by the quality extension program which will act on the same site quality namely business exams, or marketing techniques. In short, all the factors that may affect the site's listing on the market will be taken into account. This program will therefore be in two parts. The first stage of this program will be a technical review of all extensions affecting the market directly. The structure of the extension package will be the target of an automated control. The second step, in turn, will be a thorough examination made by Magento engineers. This type of review is, however, mandatory for magento first and select partners. So this will include a review work on coding structure, performance, development, security, compatibility and documentation.

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