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With the growth that knows the world of the current web, it will be important to understand perfectly. To interact with this world, it will inevitably create a website. In this creative work, the choice of the development tool will be equally important as it will determine the final result. Remember, the site created will be set up quickly, but perfectly and the tool will always be the guarantor.

A recurring tool

One of the currently most used development tools is ruby ​​on rails development company or ror. You should know that the benefits of this tool makes it the highest rated among startups. Clearly ror is a framework using the ruby ​​language is object-oriented, multi-paradigm, open source and cross platform. Professionals in the field such as ruby ​​on rails development company therefore wear of the tool because its production will be greatly increased. You should know that ruby ​​on rails is based on two fundamental principles namely DRY or Do not Repeat Yourself to gather the elements in one place and Convention over configuration that will work fast. Clearly ror follow the conventions that prevent developers to focus only on the configuration. From there, you should know that increased production is the main advantage of this tool which makes his odds.

The advantages of ROR

There are many advantages of this framework thus explaining its rating. Among these advantages, we first note the presence of structure. Clearly ror impose a structure to the project which will be a good organizational option. Migration will also be waiting for you with ror which will evolve the structure and the contents of the database. Active Record will also be part of the functionality of ror which will effectively manipulate the database. The scaffolding will be possible to make or CRUD Create, Read, Update, Delete. Admittedly rails also has three specific environments which will increase even more production. Obviously, the development will also secure with this tool and the caches and the possibility of testing.

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