Yes you can merge javascript with magento easily

The approach in application development is often difficult and requires specific knowledge in the field. There are so specific tools in the area that offer specific parameters and options to the type of tool. As in the case of magento for example, it allows for a lot of things. Only a thorough knowledge of this tool will expand the possibilities in its use as the possibility of a merger.

Presentation of magento

Clearly, Magento is an e-commerce site content management software. It has been especially created to effectively manage all e-commerce sites. This management can be done both on all sites at once through a single management interface, but it can also be done on the sites one by one. The magento development has, moreover, intended to manage at all levels these e-commerce sites as well at the product catalog than on price. In addition, magento was produced under two licenses namely a free license or open source and a paid license or Enterprise Edition that will not hurt features. In all cases, the benefits are many magento up all the convenience in the management of e-commerce sites.

To merge JS files

One of many possibilities with magento is the fusion of Javascript files. This practice is an excellent alternative to best reduce the number of HTTP requests a page. By default, with magento, there are already 24 javascript files included. The merge will not necessarily be a good solution against. During the merger process, magento will first review the Java Script files that have been added to the layout of the template. It is then that it will record everything just to make a single file. Also, this approach will be made on each page of each site. Magento also will include a javascript file to a given page. We can therefore say that the number of files depending on the number of pages will be specific, but a new merged JS will always be generated for each page.

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