Php 7.1 will be more efficient !

The language used for developing websites currently undergoing an evolution. Php is not the only existing programming language but it is more common to use for developers. In this context, after the php 5 performance and its various versions, will be created php version 7.1 is already deemed to be more effective.

What is php?

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is the, a language used by professionals for the creation and development of a website. As an open source scripting language it is normally integrated in html. Language is passed between two tags to start and the other end to give the server a tilt control method in php. This language is very convenient because in its execution users will only receive the result as it will have already spent a mere collection of html codes. Compared to other languages, PHP offers very interesting advanced features most professional developers to create dynamic pages. Moreover, the servers can be configured to read the html in php. Since its creation by Zend, php has already released the first version in 1995 php 1 and 2 php, php follows 3. In 2000 enchainent php 4.0.0 to 4.4.0 and 5.x then the php 7.

Version 7.1 of PHP

Is not yet out in the market, PHP 7.1 is already talk about him. Indeed, the creators of this version of the language promise a remarkable performance with efficiency and speed in execution. If PHP 5 with all its versions is slower as php developers, they hope for a better result php 7 and version 7.1. It normally wait about five months to enjoy it. Version 7.0 is already available and it is already quite satisfactory for encryption and wrestling guy. Besides, strict typing is a practice which wastes less time to work. The real user expectations is the first gain in speed with php 7 and all versions.

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