Magento is very secure

Trade developed in various fields. With technological advancement, commercial sites are becoming more numerous, apart from the actual shops encountered while strolling the streets. Given this development, two designers decided to create a management software to assist and facilitate the creation or the consolidation of e-commerce sites. The presence of Magento in the field of e-commerce has revolutionized and then taken for all players to start or grow.

Magento, leader for e-commerce sites

Since its creation in 2008, Magento has grown considerably. In the computer world, no software has embraced such a success in such a short time. In addition to being considered a leader in the integration of frameworks, the latter particularly aroused the interest of big companies. Although the Manager of the eBay business is not an actual computer, he has found in Magento the potential to develop her business. Also, the firm bought for exuberant amount of $ 180 million. Since then, the software has seen significant growth while improving day by day. Although lately it has made a in the computer world for the presence of flaw in its security, designers can immediately remedy and prove to everyone that the software certainly knows flaws but still powerful and reliable at all times.

A compromise between security and development

Lately, Magento has released a security patch that corrected several flaws, including the flaw that made the most critical object, the XSS or cross-site scripting. With this update, all Magento users can sleep soundly without fear of possible computer hacking. This fix was developed to primarily to secure all personal data, professional commercial sites, Magento users. This security also concerns transactions and payments that pass through merchant sites managed by Magento. Improved safety standards between elsewhere in the magento web development is not a fixed standard. The developers of this software remain lookout for possible harmful introductions in the system.

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