Develop your website with Php

Creating a website is now a must-trading technique whether for businesses or individuals. The design and quality of these sites are increasingly complex to stand out from the competition. To do so, tools are used to achieve flawless and especially unique results. PHP is probably one of the most used tools in this sense, the know will be a good option to adopt subsequently.

How does the web work?

When you type the address of a website on the browser, it becomes what we call the web client. The request then goes around the world to a computer that hosts the requested site is called the server. The servers are not ordinary computers but overpowering machines that can store and deliver web sites. When the server has identified the client as being authorized to access the page, it returns the query and that is where the site in question is displayed on the screen. This is the case when the site is static. For dynamic sites, the task is more complicated because the server is preparing a special page for each client before they send the request.

Create a website with PHP

Professionals like php development company using php to these many benefits. Clearly, PHP is a scripting language designed for web application development. It may therefore easily integrate HTML. Php pages already contain HTML fragments so it will not be necessary to use tons of orders for it. Which specifies php other languages ​​of the same type is the fact that the code will run on a special server to generate HTML. The result will then be sent directly to the client without means he has access to the source code. Obviously, it will be quite possible to configure the web server so that it processes HTML files as PHP files. So it will confuse perfectly static pages and dynamic pages.

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